Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colour Sound Organ Circuits


parts                            Qty.       Description

C1                                   1    22uf 250V Electrolytic Capacitor   
C2                                   1    22uf 250V Electrolytic Capacitor   
C3                                   1    0.1uf Disc Capacitor   
C4                                   1    0.01uf Disc Capacitor   
C5                                   1    0.0047uf Disc Capacitor   
R1                                   1    47K 1/2 W Resistor   
R2, R4                             2    6.8K 1/2 W Resistor   
R3, R5                             2    1M 1/2 W Resistor   
R6                                   1    3.3K 1/2 W Resistor   
R7, R8, R9                      3    1K 1/2 W Resistor   
R10, R11, R12                3    10K Pot   
D1                                   1    1N4004 Diode   
Q1, Q2                            2    2N3904 NPN Transistor                (2N2222)
Q3, Q4, Q5                     3    106B1 SCR                        (Teccor S2003LS1)
T1                                    1    10K:600 Ohm Audio Transformer   
S1                                    1    SPDT Switch   
J1, J2, J3                          3    AC Socket   
MISC                              1    AC Line Cord, Crystal Microphone, Case, Wire   


    1. R10, R11 and R12 control the response of the different lights.

    2. The circuit can handle up to 300 watts per channel.

    3. This circuit is NOT isolated from the 115 Volt line. If it is used with the case opened or not installed in a case, you could recieve a bad shock or be killed.

    4. You can also use the Teccor S2003LS1 SCR for SCR1. These give better sensitivity and brightness than the 106B1 units.

    5. Thanks to James Maloway for redrawing the schematic.