Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two transistor tone controller

This is a simple design for tone control, but in this circuit it built by two transistors. The transistor that can be used is BC109C. This is the figure of the ton control circuit.

The operation of the circuit is the transistor Q1 is wired an emitter follower to provide sufficient current gain and input impedance. The second transistor is used to voltage amplify the signal in. The network of resistance and capacitors connected between emitter of Q1 and base of Q2 is used to control the tone. Variation in the value of these components varies the audio response of the system. This circuit can provide a maximum attenuation and boost of 10decibel on 10 KHz and 60 Hz frequency ranges. The input and output must be connected with respect the ground. POT R5 can be used to control bass. POT R8 can be used to control treble.